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Videographer suing Adobe for deleted work


Stuck in Toronto
7 years of work.

From the story:

A freelance videographer by the name of Dave Cooper is suing Adobe for the deletion of around 100,000 digital video clips totalling around 500 hours. After upgrading to Premiere Pro 2017 v11.1.0 in April of last year, he claims that a bug caused the deletion of video clips that cost him around $250,000 to create.

He says that the bug exists in the “clean cache” feature which deletes temporary files and backups created during the editing process. And Adobe has actually acknowledged this bug, but I can’t help but feel there’s quite a bit of user error here.
Ok, the guy had no backup! This is a life lesson and he needs to learn it and move on.



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I have at least 5 (daily at worst) backups in various places for work related data


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I do hope the judge sees sense and throws this out of court.

Muppet needs to pull himself together and realise the errors of his ways. I would also suggest that any decent data recovery company should be able to deal with a simple delete flag issue.

Back in my early days of support (late 90s) we had a lady on an RAF base who’s hard drive failed. She had been working on a project for 8 years and lost everything. When she was told she broke down in tears. Really sad thing was her machine had a DDS tape drive installed setup to take daily backups automatically. All she had to do was put the daily tape in. Seems nobody told her in 8 years. In this case a recovery company managed to get all of her data back, at a cost of £4.2K

Ramble Vision

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sounds like hes trying on to me. In that it could be recovered. and yes, should have backed up. That said I wonder if he will get compensation as at the end of the day, it was a bug in the software that caused the issue.