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What time does it get light in the morning?

Discussion in 'Photography Chat Forum' started by masonwcs, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. masonwcs

    masonwcs Active Member

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    Ok, so woke up at like 5.30 this morning and then again at 6, to see if it was getting light outside, both times it looked pretty much pitch black an accidentally fell asleep, so tomorrow I was hoping to be a bit more confident that it would be getting light by the time I was dressed, I don't wanna be up waiting ages cause I guarantee you I shall fall back asleep, I've drank quite a bit for my usual self today and know I'll be very tired in the morning.
    Anyone know when it starts getting light?
    Sun rises at 8.03 but that doesn't help lol
  2. jamestom7

    jamestom7 Here a lot

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  3. tenchy

    tenchy Rain maker Administrator

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    jamestom7 likes this.
  4. staceyx3

    staceyx3 Always on

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    Not sure, I get up at 7, and it's pitch black, leave the house at 8am and it's still quite dark, but light enough to see, and by the time I get to work at half 8 it's light :)

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