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Winter @ Lagangarbh


Always on
I'd love to say this taken at the weekend but sadly it wasn't. After much promise from the weather forecasters the weekend was frustratingly a bit of a washout.
This is a picture I often return to when looking for some winter motivation. When I do it often gets a tweak here or there with varying crops depending on my mood. Some may have seen this before in another form, this version has lost all of the bright highlights in the sky which were always a bug bear and I've included a little foreground.
C'mon the snow.

Probably my last upload before the festivities begin so would like to take this opportunity to wish all members a very merry Christmas, and thank you all for the very kind comments you have left on my pictures over the year.

Stob Dearg in winter.JPG


Always on
Premium Member
Lovely pic.

I was hoping for a trip to Snowdon today, the Met reckoned snow but a few webcams I looked at yesterday didn’t show hardly any. Sadly Shropshire very rairly sees any kind of snow let alone anything that sticks around for more than an hour or two so driving to the Welsh Mountains is the only real option. Boo.

Have a great Xmas Scott. Look forward to seeing more of your pics in the New Year. :)


Looking for a cause.
That just makes me want to walk straight in the picture .... Happy Christmas Scott

Pete Larkin

Always on
Premium Member
A desolate shot, full of cold and atmosphere - just imagine being in a kilt in that sort of weather a few hundred years ago (Campbells and MacDonalds type people...)
Merry Christmas Scott!
I have to go up north 2000 km to see a shred of snow or experience cold. I get the mood here though because I have seen plenty of it in the past. Have a good one.
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Minor Problem

Always on
Premium Member
Merry Christmas Scott!!

I'm hoping for some decent weather between xmas and new year as I've got a few days for a togging roadtrip. Expect blizzards!!

Banjo Ryan

Always on
Excellent picture Scott, I don't believe I've seen any previous versions of this. All the best, and Merry Christmas


Always on
Fabulous wall hanger Scott! That sort of scene is a world away from OZ. I guess I'd need to wear something warmer than shorts and thongs to visit that area. :)