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NSFW Wk end Friday 6th June 2019 Fill the frame

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*If you are using a blackened background you may not be seeing all the text*

Welcome to this week’s weekly challenge, the theme of which is ‘Fill the frame'

*The rules of the competition are posted below*

Here are also the next four challenges in the Weekly challenge:

23. Week end Friday 7th June 2019 Fill the frame

24. Week end Friday 14th June 2019 Repetition

25. Week end Friday 21st June 2019 Keys

26. Week end Friday 28th June 2019 Nature

The Weekly Challenge competition is a fun to enter weekly run thread where a new photographic subject is posted each Saturday and you have a week to complete the photographic theme, the closing date of which will be indicated in each weekly thread posted.

You are able to join in at any time during the year, just post into the thread to get started.

If you are not able to post in that week, it does not mean you cannot join in the following week.

We would encourage that people do try to get out to take a new photo for the theme in that week's challenge, but if you cannot get out to do the picture in that week, you can also post an image that is relevant from your archives

It is a fun competition, and there are no prizes, just a thread to get us out taking pictures. The competition runs for a year, and at the end of the year, it will start again with new themes.

info: a JOKER week is a subject that is suggested by a member of the forum
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You never had any Paul, delicious stewed with sun flower seeds and black pudding. lol.


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Loved this little chap. Think it's a Palm Squirrel. Was having a drink near the pool and he joined us, but he only wanted the sugar packets. He kept coming back for more. The hotel staff must wonder where all thier sugar goes.


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Canary Wharf as seen from Greenwich Park on the south bank of The River Thames.

Big Wheel. V & A dock, Cape Town. SA
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