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WordPress Themes

Rob Hudson

Hey everyone,

So I'm starting to build my website using WordPress. I know nothing about codes and often struggle with half the terminology too. I'm starting to realise that if I want a really decent theme I will have to pay a premium. That's OK if it's worth it! What I'm looking for is:

- professional looking
- multiple galleries, preferably as sub headings under one main "gallery" homepage
- full page picture views and lightbox
- social media integration
- a blogging section
- as much customisation with fonts, layout, sizings, etc, as possible
- SEO and support would be a healthy bonus too

As I said, I don't mind paying a bit more if it's worth it. But I can't get enough from exploring free versions of the live demo's to really decide. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or, are there any good alternatives to WordPress? I have been thinking about Wix as I have already purchased my domain name and web host.




Hi Rob,

Wordpress themes :-

There are 2 areas to look at :-
1. The theme itself - there are 1000's to look at - you pay for what you get usually , what I would suggest is a base theme something like Genesis by studiopress, it ticks all the boxes re html coding, css, lightweight etc etc. But you are still then going to have the problem of the look and feel of it, and page design layout , bells & whistles etc
2. The Wordpress editor is **** basically - so you need to find something that will let you create a page the way you want - visual composer is the #1 tool for that.

There is no 1 stop solution. I use a tool that creates wordpress themes for me - so I get to pick colours, fonts, sizes, 1,2 or 3 column layouts I also use a tool that then creates webpages exactly how I like them - so you are not beholden to the wordpress theme design restrictions - and it's all mobile responsive etc.

I wouldnt use Wix personally, if you are looking to add in a shop that integrates into your wordpress theme - then ecwid is the #1 tool of choice - as it's so bloody easy, has it's on wordpress free plugin and alo integrates directly intoi facebook - so you can in FaceBook without the facebook user ever having to leave their session - there is a demo here - www.facebook.com/ecwids - it is the #1 ecommerce facebook tool apparently